Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Tasty Tuesday

Budapest does not run short of pastry and sweets shops, some in the good old Viennese tradition, some bringing state of the art progressive confectionery to the city- but few things quite compare to the joy of discovering a gem tucked away in the menu of the city's many bistros and restaurants. Castro Bistro on Mad├ích square is a well-established nightlife staple, serving mostly unfussy but rather tasty food to a crowd of faithful regulars (on weekend evenings give up all of hope of finding a free table). Starting off with a Serbian meaty menu (cevapi and pljeskavica are still on) they then took a turn towards something of a more Russian cuisine, which includes the above illustrated syrniki, a Russian cottage cheese specialty best served with jam.(http://allrecipes.com/recipe/russian-syrniki/) And while eating you can also rest your eyes on the occasionally rather random art plastered onto the walls of the establishment 

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