Thursday, 19 April 2012

More Than a Meal

Ráday street is duly famous for being basically a string of restaurants- come spring, and it all gets more exciting as they basically spill over onto the street itself with their terraces. You name it, Ráday has it: typical Hungarian kifőzdes with food that reminds you of your grandma in the happy case or a communist canteen in the sad one, the usual suspects- several Italian themed restaurants with some local food added for the tourists, the less usual suspects- a Persian restaurant, one serving the Romanian specialty "mici", a red cross hamburger stand and an Asian-American fusion with mean spicy wings, the well established group serving set lunch menus for the office crowd working nearby, somewhat run down looking restaurants with a bar feeling that serve beer and simple but hearthy food to be washed down with said beer, hangouts for cocktail fiends and Budapest's first Michelin star winner. The list is not exhaustive, and Ráday goes beyond being a mere catwalk for restaurants, once you set foot on it, you get acquainted to a little part of this city's pulsating heartbeat. How can you not love a street where restaurants have cats, smiling preserves and Keith Richard pie?

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