Sunday, 29 April 2012

Splashing Around

Summer hit Budapest quite unexpectedly this weekend, and those who could not make an escape to the Hungarian Sea (the majestic Lake Balaton, that is) had to settle with the city's pool resources. Which mercifully are quite wide ranging: several baths run all year round, other open only for the hot season. From the all year rounders Rudas and Király, the two Turkish baths, do not have open areas, so in summer they are more suitable for rainy days or evenings (Rudas has night bathing sessions on Friday and Saturday), but Szécheny,Lukács and Gellért have both open and covered areas. The strictly open air baths (classified as strand), such as Palatinus and Római usually open on May 1st, but this year the season started a few days early due to the April heatwave. For those unwilling to take a dip themselves, there is always the alternative of watching the ducks have some diving lessons in the Városliget thermal pond.

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