Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A Ride on Sweat Street

If yesterday I was saying that the slope descending towards Gellert square is a lighter task, some city planners seem to disagree. Whether it's a proof of their humour or they simply ran out of great men and women to name the street after, this one is called Sweat Street (They could have of course tried to name it Szechenyi, or Liszt Ferenc. But at least Arany Janos street, there seems to be one of those in each of Budapest's districts, to the great dismay of utterly confused travelers). You will nevertheless break a sweat while climbing this narrow cobblestone alley, so this might just be one of the most aptly named streets in the whole city. It is mercifully not too long though, and once done with, you can enjoy the blooming vegetation of the hillside.

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