Monday, 30 April 2012

Fast Cars

In 1986,the Hungaroring racing circuit at Mogyoród,  a small town 18 kilometres away from Budapest, hosted the first ever Formula 1 race held behind the Iron Curtain. The first winner was Brazilian Nelson Piquet and the race has been held yearly ever since. It is now held in early August, which leads to it being one of the hottest and dustiest races in he calendar- in the same period the Sziget festival is also taking place, so the city is literally overtaken by hoards of tourists. Hungarians love a bit of Formula 1 anytime, so this year one of the major mobile telephony companies is bringing Mc Laren driver Jenson Button for some fast racing on a street circuit around the Basilica for some outdoor Mayday entertainment. The cars are being exhibited on Deák Ferenc street right by the square, those with technical inclinations can have a go at some race simulations and tyre changing.

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