Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Trabi on Andrassy street

Snow is gone from Budapest, but the Trabi will stay on. As there was no local mass production car during Communism, this beauty reigned supreme. And it still does in many Hungarian hearts- they even have a special site,, though most of the suggested links do not work anymore, staying true to the spirit of the car, so to say. There are a few shots of spectacularly pimped up specimens, though, which might be seen fleeting by Budapest's streets from time to time. Not that this beast was famous for its speed, being made from what is pretty much enforced cardboard, it reached breathtaking peaks of 112 km/h. It did pass the infamous Swedish moose/elk test though, unlike its much younger and sprightlier German brother, the Mercedes A-Class ( Which did not save it from a sad fate sometimes, after the fall of Communism in the east many Trabis were abandoned by their owners and nature took its course- flick to 00:34 to see how: .

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