Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sunday Prayers

Serbs arrived in the area around Budapest mostly during the great migrations that followed the year 1690: they had helped the Hungarians against the Ottomans, but following the defeat of their common troops. they received the right to flee to the centre of Hungary and establish their own communities. They settled mostly in Szentendre, Pomaz and Budapest's Taban neighbourhood (( - their first church was built here, but it was destroyed following WWII along with most of Taban's bohemian quarter. The Serbian community of Pest built the  baroque church which still stands on the corner of Szerb street in 1733- Serbian churches in Hungary always remind more of a Catholic or Protestant church rather than an Eastern Orthodox building, but the inner layout is the same as in the latter. The patron saint of the church is Saint George and some of the icons inside were painted by Nikola Alexic, who also painted the iconostases of the Serbian church and the old Romanian orthodox cathedral of my hometown Arad.   (

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